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Professional Responsibility

A love of learning is a quality that I possess that I hope to imbue in my students. I approach every experience with an open mind and the awareness that it is an opportunity to learn something new. I will always seek out ways to grow as an educator and artist. I recognize that learning to be an excellent teacher is a life long process and I will continue to seek out experiences that broaden my skill set and provide new opportunities for learning. Below is a collection of experiences I participated in to hone my skill set and learn new things.

Guest Artist in the Classroom

2020 Golda Meir High School

Guest artist Sarah Gail Luther joined the classroom to introduce art as activism and public art. Students created their own public art that addressed an issue important to them or their community.

Micro Activism Project (Oct 26, 2020 11_

Innovative Educators Institute


The Innovative Educators Institute at Lynden Sculpture garden is a hands-on, year long professional development experience that brings together pre-service and veteran teachers along with artists to develop and share interdisciplinary curriculum and strategies.

IEI picture.jpg

Internship at Discovery World

Summer 2020

In the summer of 2020 I interned at Discovery World. I worked with the Design It! lab to develop curriculum for summer camps. Arts integration and design thinking strategies were at the center of the projects I created.


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