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Micro Activism

Lesson Overview

Guest artist, Sarah Gail Luther, joined the virtual classroom to lead our class in exploring public art as activism. We began by talking about what public space is, what public art is and why we should care. As a class we brainstormed public spaces in our neighborhoods and how we use public spaces. Students brainstormed issues that were important to them or to their neighbors and community. Each student created their own micro activism, a small achievable public art project as a way to share their voice and be a part of public discourse that addressed an issue of their choice.

What role can art play in our communities?
How can YOU use art to explore the places or issues that are important to you?
Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 3.34.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 3.34.43 PM.png
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