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All Kinds of Families

Students will understand that all families are different in some ways and the same in other ways. Students will describe how their classroom is like a family. Students will look and talk about the art work of Billie Zangewa while making connections to their own families and classroom. Students will create textile art inspired by their families.

Learning Objectives

Introducing the theme for the lesson by reading My Family, Your Family and discussing what the character Makayla saw and learned.

Billie Zangewa is a textile artist who lives in Johannesburg. Artwork featured in the lesson depicts her and her son.

Featured Artist

This piece by Billie Zangewa made from pieces of silk depicts her and her son doing daily activities.

Students create their own textile art inspired by the prompt 'What is something you do with your family?' Students practice their glueing skills and add embellishments with fabric shapes.

Art making

A student hard at work using fabric markers and practicing her glueing skills by adding embellishments to her art work.

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