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Here's who I am & what I do

I am a painter, fiber artist, jeweler, and printmaking enthusiast. I am a pre-service art educator in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I received my BFA in fibers and minor in art history from UW-Milwaukee in 2009. After graduation I discovered a passion for jewelry and metalsmithing and pursued a career as jeweler.  In 2018, motivated by a desire to share my love of creating and to make deeper connections to my community, I began my journey as an art educator.



 As I continually refresh and renew my teaching practices, my course is grounded in three principles:
promoting curiosity, exploring relevant topics through art, and fostering a caring community.
Promoting Curiosity

Promoting curiosity is important for my students to develop a sense of wonder and think critically about the world. A sense of wonder will help students see that learning is exciting and can happen in any situation, thinking critically boots creative problem solving. A curious student questions how and why artworks are made, which is an essential skill for interpreting art. A curious student explores new ideas and new ways of making art. A curious student finds inspiration in the world around them. I promote curiosity in my classroom by allowing students’ interests and questions to drive projects and discussions. I also promote curiosity by centering research as part of the art making process.

Teaching Stance
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